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The Sales Letter of The Retired Millionaire makes a variety of claims which are intended to entice the reader to desire to obtain. In that, I need to say, it is really profitable. Christopher Everson who markets himself as The Retired Millionaire claims that you will be given the secrets of how the "gurus" make funds, with no real want to create a product as they're all supplied, and that you do not even will need a web site - but, when you do, then he has included many readymade website templates for you to pick from.

1. So, What Do You Get For Your Cash?

Well, attempting to remain objective, you will obtain some outdated resale rights products circa 2003, 2004, 2005. Most of us who have been internet marketing for any length of time possibly already have access to these products as they've often been given away free in lots of of the JV Giveaway episodes that happen from time to time. Couple of, if any, of these goods provided within the Retired Millionaire have any marketable value per se, although I can, with a bit of manipulating, update these goods and make cash from them.

What else do you get in the Retired Millionaire? Really poor high quality PLR articles which are clearly written by a person whose 1st language was definitely not English. It's not actually what is written in the articles that gives this away, so significantly as the incorrect usage of many of the words whose nuances are used in a completely different context by a native English speaker. In other words, the articles are very poor and, in my opinion, unusable. With regard to the tutorials included within the Retired Millionaire, I am not even going to go there. Suffice to say, if you're CAN Spam conscious, the best thing I can suggest you do with the tutorials would be to highlight the entire lot - and then press your "DELETE" button.

2. Is The Retired Millionaire Worth Investing In?

The size of this package from The Retired Millionaire is impressive, but open it up and you'll change your opinion from "impressive" to "inflated". Basically, without mincing my words, you have wasted $47.00 on a load of rubbish. Nevertheless, if you're totally brand-new to web advertising and have some abilities with writing, I would suggest you took every PLR article as a separate entity and totally re-wrote every single single 1. That way you could well retrieve a few of the funds you paid out too as gain valuable skills as a writer and editor in your own appropriate.

3. Summary.

The information supplied by The Retired Millionaire is effortlessly duplicable but it will take you time and effort - loads of effort - to reproduce this details into a marketable product. There are many guides that really will aid you to get a foothold into web marketing, but The Retired Millionaire is not 1 of them.

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Retired Millionaire Review

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This article was published on 2010/12/29